Andrew Wakefield, the doctor who claimed there was a link between autism and vaccines, changed the data of his research and falsified his documents to prove his theory. He was banned from practicing medicine and labeled an “elaborate fraud” in 2010. Source


And now he is liable for the deaths of all those children who were swept up in this hysteria he catalysed. 

I had a really awful thought tonight as I was watching Doctor Who. All this repeating of old lines, references to the old doctors, suddenly it felt like wrapping things up, nostalgia, preparing for an ending, maybe for the whole series. That, and the fact that Peter Capaldi has only signed on for one series (so far) I’m slightly worried now, please tell me it’s all in my head. Or that it’s just foreshadowing the end of the Moffat era of DW

October 5th 1969: the very first episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus aired on BBC1. It ignited the beginning of a new age of surreal, original comedy that crossed and completely tore down the barriers of conventional sketch shows, and TV and film in general. Few have come close, but even to this day, nobody has been able to surpass Python’s impact on the world of comedy.

(Source: reginaldmaudling)

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